The choice is yours!


PixelPerfectFrames™ are not the dull black plastic digital picture frames we all know (and hate). Most of us received one as a gift at one point – and instead of joy they mostly caused frustration and disappointment.
That all changed now: PixelPerfectFrames™ re-define what digital photo frames can (and should!) be and deliver on the original promise:

• PixelPerfectFrames™ are real wood picture frames – the same technique and quality you would use to frame a piece of art.
• Best available display technology for bright and crystal clear photos.
• Intuitive to use. No menu, buttons or remote control. Just plug it in and enjoy the photos while the PixelPerfectFrames™ do the rest: They go to a power saving sleep mode if no one is present in the room and are bright-awake as soon as someone comes by. They change from landscape to portrait orientation photos by simply turning the frame. New set of photos? Just slide in a different SD memory card with fresh photos. Can this be any easier?

Now it’s up to you to choose from several frame styles and colors…

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