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4th of July special – Get a free 8 GB SD memory card with your PixelPerfectFrames™ order

Let’s celebrate…!

4th of July special – Order your PixelPerfectFrames™ premium real wood digital photo frame today and receive a free 8 GB SD memory card with your order.

Promotion expires 7/7/15.

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4th of July special 2015

4th of July special 2015

PixelPerfectFrames™ Introduction video

PixelPerfectFrames™ are not only beautiful, they are also truly ‘easy to use’.

Plug in power.
Insert a SD memory card.

That’s it.

We eliminated menus, remote controls and buttons. PixelPerfectFrames™ don’t even have an ON/OFF switch. Leave your frame connected to power and the invisible integrated motion sensor takes care of the rest. The frame is always on when someone’s around. Otherwise it goes in a power-saving sleep mode.

We even eliminated the manual. We only include a one-page sheet to basically tell you that you won’t need a manual (ok, and to mention a few extra settings which you can use – but don’t have to).

Check out this short video…

FREE 8 GB SD Card with any PixelPerfectFrames™ order!   No coupon needed. Shop now