• Catch your customers attention while they wait or sit at the bar
  • Advertise your daily specials with mouth-watering photos
  • Provide extra information about your business or concept
  • Display customer reviews and testimonials
  • Inform about your loyalty program or gift card offerings
  • …and much more.
  • Your Benefit

    • Inform your patrons
    • Complement your interior decoration
    • Promote and up-sell
    • Support your servers and bartenders
    • Enhance waiting experience

    Restaurant and Bar: Ambiance and Information

    Any information that a restaurant patron wants to know can be displayed on PixelPerfectFrames™. Whether you inform your customers about your loyalty program, the soup of the day, a new gift card special or all of those things, PixelPerfectFrames™ can cycle through it all on the easy-to-read screen. Don’t compromise on your meticulously chosen decor or detract from the ambiance; there are several elegant or artsy styles to choose from that will suit any mood.

    PixelPerfectFrames™’ digital picture frames make a convenient, classy addition at several places around the restaurant. Customers sitting at the bar or in the restaurant waiting area enjoy being able to see the day’s featured dishes and drinks before they order, and patrons at the reception desk might like to be reminded of your loyalty program or happy hour specials. You can also cycle through selected TripAdvisor reviews or inform them of upcoming specials or events. PixelPerfectFrames™ keeps your customers informed, and it looks great doing it!

    PixelPerfectFrames™ aren’t just any digital photo frame. They are a revelation. While most digital photo frames look cheap and are difficult to set up, PixelPerfectFrames™ are beautiful picture frames that are simple and intuitive to use. With high-quality, real wood construction available in several styles and colors, these frames are a true work of art.

    Not only do these frames look good, they are just as easy to use as a traditional photo frame! Don’t fuss with remotes, tiny buttons or manuals; just slide in an SD memory card and start enjoying your photos! With our smart motion sensing technology, it simply turns on when it senses a person in the area and goes to sleep to conserve energy when nobody is there.

    Don’t settle for less in your media display either. Our high-resolution display is bright and lifelike, and it automatically displays your photos in their true orientation. And while most digital photo frames crop your photos or display black bars on the side, this frame’s unique proportions fit your digital photos perfectly. PixelPerfectFrames™ are the best way to display your best photos or slides!

    100% Frustration-Free

    Don’t waste your time trying to figure out how things work. They simply work.

    Premium Quality

    Solid construction, best materials.
    Proudly built in the USA.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Free shipping, hassle-free returns, backed by a factory warranty.

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