PixelPerfectFrames™ are different


Brilliant, bright, and high-resolution display for crisp and lifelike colors.

Gorgeous, like your photos.

Elegant and stylish design. It’s a real wood picture frame – not a plastic digital ‘picture frame’.


Less is more. Simple is better.

There is no multi-page manual, flimsy remote control, or long menu that you’ll never use anyway.
So easy, your grandparents could use it. In fact, your grandparents should have one!


There is no ON/OFF button. It’s always on, but only if someone’s around to appreciate it. This creates a lot of happiness and conserves energy.

Made from real wood on the outside and recycled plastic underneath.
And it’s American made too.

Real Picture Frames

Most digital picture frames not only simulate the functionality of tablet computers but also look like an electronic device.

PixelPerfectFrames™ are real wood picture frames. They do one thing, and they do it right – display photos. Choose from different styles, colors and finishes to perfectly complement your style. PixelPerfectFrames™ can blend in as part of your interior design and serve as accents. Your photos simply look stunning on them.

Brilliant Display

PixelPerfectFrames™ have a brilliant high-resolution 9.7″ display for bright, crisp, and lifelike colors. Just as beautiful as your precious photos.

Featuring elegant designs and styles, PixelPerfectFrames™ are real wood picture frames – not a plastic digital ‘picture frame’ from the big box store.

Did we mention it’s a piece of art, not a cheap-looking electronic device?

Smart Sensing

There is no ON/OFF button. Your picture frame is always on, but only if someone’s near to appreciate it. This creates a lot of happiness and continuously conserves energy.

PixelPerfectFrames™ detect presence in the room and go to sleep if no one is there. They instantly brighten and awaken once it detects motion. That’s even simpler than a light switch!

PixelPerfectFrames™ are so simple and easy to use — just plug in, insert an SD memory card, and enjoy!

There is no multipage manual, no remote control, or long menu that you’ll never use anyway. It displays photos in the most beautiful way. Period.

Perfect Fit for Your Photos

Most digital picture frames have a 16:9 “widescreen” display ratio, just like your TV. That’s great for your TV since movies usually feature widescreen format. Not so with digital photos.

All digital photo cameras – from point-and-shoot to pro DSLR, including your camera – have an image ratio closer to 4:3, just like PixelPerfectFrames™.

So what digital picture frames may brag with – a widescreen display – is, in other words, just a choice between black sidebars or cut-off pictures. Which one would you choose?

Looking Good Either Way

No matter how you turn it, PixelPerfectFrames™ will always present your photos right. Just set it up the way you like and it’ll automatically display all portrait photos in portrait orientation or all landscape photos in landscape orientation, respectively.

You think you’ve seen all the photos in your slideshow? Flip it over and you’ll enjoy a fresh look.

The PixelPerfectFrames™ Difference

Premium Digital Photo Frame
Digital Picture Frame
AestheticsDesigned as a piece of art, not an electronic device.
Simply a real picture frame.
Designed only with low cost in mind.
FrameGallery quality, brand name real wood picture frames, mats and glass. Fully integrated smart sensors.Black plastic bezel or imitated ‘wood’ bezel around a bare LCD module. Often visible sensors on front.
Look & FeelWords can’t do justice. Try one yourself and send it back if you don’t see the value.Flimsy, light and lots of plastic. Embarrassing to display in a business or beautiful home.
DisplayBright, high-resolution, wide viewing angle display (iPad quality).Dull and disappointing with very limited viewing angle.
UsabilityJust plug in and enjoy. No setup required. No manual needed.Must navigate through confusing menus using tiny buttons or a remote control. Frustrating to use.
ReliabilityEngineered with industry-grade components.Often many flaws, like not playing all memory cards or photos.
Build QualitySolid construction, build to last.
Made in the USA.
Fragile and flimsy, cheap imports.
FeaturesFocused on one thing. Display photos, in the most aesthetic and intuitive way.Overloaded with useless features which makes it basically unusable.
PriceReasonable priced, balancing cost and quality.Literally cheap.
You get what you pay for

The Features At A Glance

Real wood picture frame

Different frame styles and colors.

Brilliant display

Bright, crisp, and lifelike colors.

Invisible motion sensor

Detects motion in the room for automatic on/off.

Orientation detection

Displays photos automatically in their correct orientation.

Large high-resolution display

9.7" screen, 1024×768 pixel resolution.

No black bars

4:3 aspect ratio, like all your photos. No bars, no cropping.

Easy to set up and use

No buttons, no remote control, no manual.

Premium quality

Solid construction, best material. Built in the USA.

The Details


Frame sizeAbout 12″ x 10″, depending on frame style
Display9.7″ diagonal size, XGA resolution (1024×768), 4:3 aspect ratio, true color
Storage mediaSD memory card (card not included)
Supported image formatsJPEG and PNG
Power supply5V DC, 2A (US power adapter included)
IncludedDigital picture frame, stand, US power adapter
Warranty90-day limited warranty
FREE 8 GB SD Card with any PixelPerfectFrames™ order!   No coupon needed. Shop now